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THE CASE FOR SUPPORT: And Justice for All

The Vision:
Imagine a future in which technology can be used for the betterment of our society, for preventing discrimination, injustice, senseless killing, wrongful imprisonment and/or human civil rights abuse(s). What if there was a way to create an incentive for doing what’s right by the law to protect citizens, as well as law enforcement, with a means of providing checks and balances on power that holds everyone accountable for their actions? What if that same system of checks and balances could be applied to other parts of the world so that human suffering could be avoided?

The Problem:
Americans and other citizens of the world are currently living in an era of greater division, polarity, extremism and disparities than ever before. Current events in the news and countless statistics highlight everyday injustices committed against innocent people simply because of prejudice and discrimination on any number of fronts.





































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