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Provides Peer Supportive Services, Recovery Housing, Mental Health, Opioid Use, Substance Use, Alcohol Use, And/Or Gambling Addictions Disorders.


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When you sign up on the app you'll meet with a health provider. Govia will provide education on the app while the health provider will support your health.


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What is Peer Recovery Support

Peer Recovery Supporters are community-based services for individuals with mental illness as substance use disorder; and consist of activities that promote recovery, self-determination, self-advocacy, well-being, and independence.

Peer Recovery Supporters are individualized recovery focused and based on a relationship that supports a person’s ability to promote their own recovery.

Peer Recovery Support promotes self-directed recovery by assistant an individual they promote trauma informed care and diversity competence encourage self-direction and advocate for informed choice.




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What Services Are Provided?

Peer Recovery Services MAY include, but are not limited to:

  • Ongoing Exploration of recovery needs;
  • Supporting individuals in achieving personal independence add identify by the individual;
  • Encouraging hope;
  • Supporting the development of life skills such as budgeting connecting to community resources;
  • Developing and working towards achievement of personal recovery goals;
  • Modeling personal responsibility for recovery;
  • Providing group facilitation that addresses symptoms or behaviors, through processes that assist an individual in eliminating barriers to seeking or maintaining recovery, employment, education, or housing;
  • Assisting with accessing and developing natural support systems in the community;
  • Promoting coordination and linkage among similar providers;
  • Coordinating or assistance in crisis interventions and stabilization as needed;
  • Conducting outreach;
  • Attending and participating in treatment team and/or
  • Assisting individuals in the development of empowerment skills through self-advocacy and activities that mitigate discrimination and inspire hope.



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Provides Peer Supportive Services, Recovery Housing, Mental Health, Opioid Use, Substance Use, Alcohol Use, And/Or Gambling Addictions Disorders.


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